Silver Service for Corporate Crew

GET 15% discount and become
VIP Cabin Crew!

GET 15% discount and become
VIP Cabin Crew!






GET 15% discount and become
VIP Cabin Crew!

9 of May
25 of May
Cluj, Romania
Bucharest, Romania
Online / Offline
1 day
1 day
4 Hours
300 Euros
300 Euros
199 Euros

About the Course

Private aviation as well as service on luxury yachts or estates belonging to the ultra-elite families has very specific standards and requirements when it comes to their essential staff. Private airlines or VIPs who own a private jet / yacht stipulate that, from the recruitment phase, their future employees should have specific knowledge about the dynamics of VVIP customer relations, a high level of general culture, finesse and elegance. In addition, information on 5-star gastronomy, passenger safety, first aid and survival strategies is needed.
In the absence of a specific information framework related to the Silver Service/V.V.I.P. service, or if you have no prior business or first class experience, this information is hard to find. Our workshop meets these needs with up-to-date information, know-how and a multitude of exemplary situations to cover everything needed for a flight attendant / steward / stewardess working with a V.V.I.P. We are thus implementing a new Silver Service concept on Air-Land-Sea for whoever is new into the yachting industry, but also for those who want to work in the hospitality industry or in private jets. In order to cover the skills and knowledge, to acquire first-class professional service skills and the most revealing information, we created these training courses, known as Silver Service Course.

The course will combine theory with the practical part of exercises and teamwork, creatively combining the accumulation of specific knowledge with the improvement of our students knowledge, so that, at the end of it, you can pass the interview with ease.

For airlines, owners of private jets or corporations wishing to implement this course benefits, upon request, in their headquarters too. For personalized offers, please send an email to

V.I.P Career Benefits:

  • You will be able to visit the whole world for free and you will visit the most exotic and attractive islands and countries;
  • You will be in the company of V.V.I.P. – presidents of state, business people, members of royal families and so on;
  • You will work less, but smart;
  • Salary between 4000 € – 5000 €, depending on the number of working days;
  • Access to free specialized training, offered by the employing companies;
  • Accommodation and uniforms provided;
  • Complete and free medical insurance;
  • Possibility of advancement as Lead Flight Attendant;
  • Free and 90% discount on business class airline tickets.

What will you learn?

  • You will be introduced to the specifics of the Silver Service and you will find out the profile of Private Jet companies/ Yachts / Luxury Cruise Ships / Private Owners / UHNWI, as well as their requirements;
  • What does it mean the concept of Silver Service on Air-Land-Sea;
  • What are your duties and responsibilities on board a plane / yacht / private estate;
  • How to improve your skills as a V.I.P. crew;
  • How to offer current solutions in specific situations on board;
  • What are the sets of skills aimed as a Corporate Flight Attendant and what are your V.I.P. expectations;
  • Information about different cultures and their specifics, from a traditional, gastronomic or cultural point of view;
  • V./V.I.P. Flight Attendant vocabulary and how to address high-ranking guests;
  • Presentation of the wines and how we introduce them in the menu;
  • Everything about how to serve luxury products and a whole set of meal;
  • How to deal with security, safety and medical first aid issues when dealing with elite people;
  • Silver Service practice specific to the VIP service (includes setup, menu construction, service and practical tests from the interview); those who also choose the face-to-face practice part will benefit from a hands-on session within the group.
  • Interview-specific question and answer session;
  •  We will help you create a memorable and successful CV;
  • Feedback and recommendations from our team.

The benefits of the course

  • You will have access to specialized information presented by one of the most experienced trainers in the field;
  • We guarantee you an invitation to the interviews organized by us;
  • After completing the course, we will continue to inform you about the interviews that are being organized by various companies. We are the only platform of this kind in Southeast Europe, which organizes and recruits crews in collaboration with private airlines and private jet holders. If the requirements of the companies are in accordance with your CV, we guarantee you the invitation to the selection.
  • You will receive interview tips: improving creativity and spontaneity, public speaking, how to solve practical exercises and how to answer “trap” questions in the final interview, personal development tips, how to become a V.V.I.P FA;
  • Advice on making a professional CV – you will know everything that a CV should contain. We will edit, correct and improve your CV in English so that you can present yourself for the interview with an impressive one;
  • During the face to face courses we will have special guests, experienced VIP Cabin Crew who have interacted with the elite, both as Sole / Corporate-Executive Crew, but also as Freelance / Premium Crew.
  • You will get a reduced recruitment fee in case of pre / selections organized by us and access to information about the positions offered. Those who have not attended our premium course will have access to the available positions based on a fee of 1000 Euro.


• We will provide materials and an e-book in order to improve your fluency in English and knowledge of a future Corporate /VIP Flight Attendant;
• Individual feedback: we will offer to each of our trainees individual recommendations and feedback, to increase personal development and obtaining the best results during any interview:

• Photos: We wll guide you through the preparation session in order to take great photos, required for your presentation folder (choosing the dress, pose, make up and hairstyle and recommending professional photographers).
• Continuous career counseling: after completing the course: we will continue to inform and recommend you interviews, but also to guide you in the development of your professional career.

* Invitation to the interviews organized by us without going through the pre-selection phase.

Registration & payments

Once registered, please write us an email stating the date of the course you want to attend and we will send our bank account details, in order to proceed with the bank transfer payment. After making the bank transfer, please send us the payment confirmation to the e-mail address: Thank you! 

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